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Sept. 26, 2018

Top 5 Reasons to List Your Home in the Fall

When is the best time to sell your home? If you ask most people, they will say spring/summer, but is that true? In some cases that may be true, but there are many cases when listing your home in the fall or winter may be the best decision you can make!


1. There is less competition in the fall So many people are fixed on the idea that spring/summer is the only time to list that there is often little inventory in the fall. Most of the homes for sale are the houses that didn't sell in the summer. We know that there are definitely buyers looking in the fall and winter. Ask your average real estate agent and she will tell you that she has at least 2-3 buyers looking in the fall and winter. It only takes one! A new, gorgeous house listed in November, is like serving a feast to a starving market. With inventory being low already, the fall inventory is often abysmal. An average home that is priced and staged well could be a gem in a fall market!

2. The people who are looking in the fall are often more serious buyers. A lot of people who are looking to purchase in the fall have a specific reason they are purchasing during that time. Often that reason is a strong motivator and they aren't just casually looking. Maybe their home just sold in August and they NEED a new home. Maybe they got transferred or their lease happens to end in the fall. All of these are reasons that buyers often begin their search in the fall. A motivated buyer tends to be more realistic and not as difficult to deal with. They just want to get into a home quickly, and they understand that the small things can be fixed.

3. Fall decorations and changing leaves make a home seem cozy. All of those warm colors and falling leaves give your home an inviting, cozy feel, so be sure to work it! Think burgundy mums by the front steps, pumpkins, and the smell of apple cider warming. Fall open houses with coffee and cookies are my favorite! Who wouldn't fall in love with a comfy, cozy home that smells like fall?

4. The pros do it. Have you ever noticed that investors don't slow down for the fall and winter market? I have. You will never hear an investor say, "I will wait to put this home on the market until spring". They know that a beautiful home that is priced correctly has a great chance in any market. They don't stop buying in the fall in anticipation of being slow in the winter. They sell when they are ready to sell, and you should, too!

5. Millennials buy in the fall. So, if you are selling your condo or your starter home, in all likelihood your buyer does not have children, so what is stopping them from purchasing in the Fall?? They don't have to worry about school starting and all the chaos that having kids in school brings. In fact, they are usually busier in the summer and end up waiting until the fall to purchase. They are casually looking in the summer but don't really get around to buying until September or October. If you live in a market where there are a lot of millennials or people without kids (intown markets), there is no reason not to list in the fall or even winter. Many millenials don't even purchase the traditional starter home. They "start" with their dream home. Even if you think your home is more suited for buyers with kids, you may end up selling to a young couple purchasing their first home.

If you have thought of listing, there is no reason to wait. Get your home ready and list when it is convenient for you. It is much more important to present your home in the best possible light than to time it right. Even in the crazy market we have been in, there have been homes that haven't sold in the middle of summer! A home that is priced and presented well can garner multiple offers in any season. Let me know if you are thinking of selling. I would be happy to give you some ideas on how to make your home stand out (in any market).

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July 31, 2017

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